Corner Shot
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Basic Information

The Corner Shot device is an Israelite weapons system that is designed, as the name implies, to allow the user to shoot around corners. Overall the device consists of a long arm style body, incorporating a grip, power supply, control/trigger mechanism and camera based sighting device, to which is hinged a fore-end which contains the actual firing parts and a camera linked to the sight. The fore-end traverses up to sixty degrees left or right of the axis of the weapon, controlled by the user via a small electric motor. The user aims the weapon using the camera sight and fires via the remote trigger.

By default, the fore-end will mount a slightly modified self loading pistol (Glock and Berretta versions are common), but other systems designed to fire rifle ammunition, 40mm grenades or even anti-tank rounds exist. The end result is probably not as good as the basic weapon, but then the user is firing around a blind corner. The makers have also developed a camouflage device for the fore-end that resembles a domestic cat, making it less likely to be noticed by the enemy until it is too late.

A cornershot system can also be locked "fore and aft" and used like a traditional carbine.

This is the natural evolution of weapons systems such as the Krummlauf and Periscope Rifle.


Wikipedia on the Cornershot.
A YouTube video from the Discovery Channel featuring the "Kitty Cornershot" and generally showing the system in action.

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Game and Story Use

  • A useful gadget for PCs into their urban warfare - and also useful for peering into holes where unpleasant things lurk without sticking your face into them.
  • If writing weapons profiles for them, expect reduced accuracy (especially from one shot to the next due to recoiling at 60' to the axis), increased stoppage rates and probably (for the rifle rounds at least) a lot less power given the much shorter barrel.
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