Cracking Crime In Brazil
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July 1, 2000: Crime is so prevalent in Brazil that some companies have resorted to making deals with criminals. For instance, one company made a deal with a drug cartel - in exchange for protection from burglary and muggings of the company's employees, the company guaranteed that its premises would not be used by the police to spy on the cartel, allowing the cartel to scrutinize unknown visitors.

The article also goes into measures that companies can pursue to protect themselves from crime when operating in Brazil.



Game and Story Use

  • A company the PCs are working for is making similar deals with organized crime groups. How do the PCs feel about that?
  • Frequent deals between companies and criminals fit the mood of Cyberpunk settings very well.
  • Perhaps some companies go further, allowing crime syndicates to use their premises as safe houses - places where to stockpile weapons, drugs, and so forth.
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