Crazy Cat Lady
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Basic Information

A Crazy Cat Lady is an elderly person (commonly, though not necessarily female) who has developed an affinity with a specific type of animal, of which large numbers will flock to her. These animals might be cats, snakes, birds, or even rats, and the person will likely live alone except for these animal companions.

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Game and Story Use

  • Any recluse who can make animals flock to him or her will likely attract the suspicion of the PCs. This might be a completely harmless red herring, but it makes for a great bit of local color nonetheless.
  • A large amount of animals may create a gestalt entity. This may explain the perception of 'crazy' compared to local society.
  • What if all those cats were evil?
    • If?
  • In socities which have a habit of witch hunting, the crazy cat lady makes a good false-positive for the overzealous or unscrupulous hunter. In socities where the witch hunters are genre savvy enough to avoid obvious targets, being a crazy cat lady is a good cover.
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