Crazy Jealous Guy
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Basic Information

A Crazy Jealous Guy is a male character who is consumed by jealous rage whenever he thinks that someone is after "his" girl - or when he thinks that the girl he loves is interested in someone else. He often expresses his jealousy in ways that go beyond reason, which cause him to enter outright villain territory.

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Game and Story Use

  • As the Crazy Jealous Guy is not rational about his jealousy by definition, it is very easy to make him act against a male player character, whether justified or not.
  • Be very, very careful when making a Crazy Jealous Guy obsessed about a female player character - some players might have bad real life sensitivities over the issue.
    • It may be best in such a case if the Crazy Jealous Guy is a pathetic weakling in comparison to the PCs, in which case he can serve as comedic relief.
    • But really, it would work better for the Crazy Jealous Guy's girlfriend to be an NPC; that way you can have her do things to inflame the Crazy Guy's jealosy.
      • "I had the most dreadful row with D'Arcy this evening, Bertie. He can be such an ass sometimes! Why yes, Bertie, I did tell him I'd be going to see you. Why do you ask…?"
  • In a culture which accepts - or even expects - duelling over such "matters of honour" this character may be a significant threat to the PCs. An idiot with a pair of pistols is, after all, only slightly less dangerous than any other opponent and in some cultures even winning the duel may get you into trouble (for example, if he comes from a powerful family who object to people shooting/stabbing/humiliating their relatives).
  • Make the crazy jealous guy a necessary ally so the PCs are obliged to put up with his constant paranoia and unpredictable rages. Even better, make him their patron/boss.
  • In a culture where personal relationships are not a matter of choice, this guy becomes an even less rational nuisance.
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