Crazy Survivalist
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Basic Information

The Crazy Survivalist is a stock character who's certain that one day society will collapse, and he'll be one of the survivors. He prepares for this eventuality - stockpiling supplies, practicing with his rifle on lunchbreaks, setting up booby traps around the perimeter of his little shack in the woods, etc.

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Game and Story Use

  • One Crazy Survivalist in a shack in the woods is a Lone Nut, or maybe a retired badass looking to get away from their past.
  • Two Crazy Survivalists are almost certainly Corrupt Hicks, and will probably go Ax Crazy after The Most Dangerous Game.
  • A whole community of Crazy Survivalists are either a Cult or an Adventuring Party.
  • A failed Crazy Survivalist (possibly Patient Zero for whatever's happening) would leave behind a cache of supplies, and possibly a compound full of booby traps. Dungeon crawl, anyone?
  • It's worth noting that having enough of these people in one place can in itself be a disaster. Even the ones who aren't paranoid enough to shoot anyone coming their way on sight or actively try to cause their disaster of choice have a tendency to stockpile resources (causing shortages for everyone else), invest all their savings in gold, bitcoins (ironically enough), or ammunition (causing a bank run), and support short-run policies (destroying things that are useful long-term).
  • Now imagine that your "crazy survivalist" is an epic scale wizard

Building This Character

Character Level and Attributes

  • The power level of the character really depends on the needs of the story.
    • If they're the hero, they'll have a high level and high Physical Attributes.
    • A minor villain on the other hand, will not.
  • In every version, Social Attributes tend to be a weak spot.


Special Abilities

  • The character has been stockpiling supplies for some time. In some systems, you can buy a Merit or Advantage of having extra resources - usually it's money, but your GM will probably let you have it be food, water, ammo and spare parts.

Flaws and Hindrances

  • Paranoia, Persecution Complex, or other Mental Disorder would fit the trope to a T.
  • Health issues, caused by living out in the woods, eating dehydrated food, and avoiding doctors.
  • The really off-grid survivalists might have few to no social connections. This might be as simple as lacking anything connected to a positive reputation, or it might be an actual Flaw like Outcast.


  • Some Crazy Survivalists are former Commandos, with all the specialist training that suggests. They may be qualified snipers, and have just more skills and points in general. In this case, any health issues will be old war wounds, and mental issues will be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • A Crazy Survivalist might be planning to be part of a post-apocalyptic community. In that case, some of the skills might be swapped out for Leadership, Accounting, Haggling, or Persuasion.
  • If the apocalypse comes and he survives, the Survivalist eventually becomes the Wasteland Elder.
  • If he's nowhere near as prepared as he thinks he is, the Survivalist might have overlap with the Mall Ninja.
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