Creepy Child
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Basic Information

A Creepy Child is a an apparent child which is… off somehow. Maybe its appearance is somewhere in the Uncanny Valley, but usually it just acts in a way no normal child that age would act. Maybe it is too knowing, or maybe it giggles about all the wrong things. For these reasons, Creepy Children frequently show up in the Horror genre.

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Game and Story Use

  • Creepy Children make useful antagonists for the player characters, as they might well hesitate before using lethal force on them - and then, it might be too late.
    • And even if they don't have a problem with using lethal force on children, they might want to consider how this looks to bystanders. Either way, other approaches might be in order…
  • Evil undead Children are an important subset - from the centuries old vampire stuck forever with the body of a child to the stringy haired ghost girls adored in Japan. Actually, even non-evil undead kids are bad enough - especially the ones that don't know they are undead and don't understand why everyone they try to play with stops moving.
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