Crucifixion Nails
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Basic Information

The Crucifixion Nails are a public domain artifact (collectively and individually) consisting of the nails with which Christ was nailed to His cross on Calvary. Being not only objects stained with the blood of God, but also involved in a sacrifice which redeemed the whole of humanity they should be expected to be relics of significant power.

Practically speaking - and despite legends to the contrary1 - we are likely to be looking at three very ordinary, mass produced iron carpentry nails, used at least once. Arguably only the divine influence that they acquired in use is likely to have preserved them from being lost, recycled or re-used as would have been normal … potentially they were recovered by Joseph of Arimathea and his companions during their hurried retrieval and burial of Jesus ahead of the approaching Sabbath2.

Powers, as with all holy objects, are not well defined. They are probably not best suited to channelling healing or restorative power3, but should probably be expected to be powerful wards against spiritual evil.

"Yes … literally."


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Game and Story Use

  • Jim Butcher's Dresden Files has each of the nails welded to a sword wielded by a divinely appointed champion.
  • Since at least four of the apostles, and many other Christian martyrs, were also crucified there may be similar, lower powered relics from those events kicking about as well … possibly being mistaken for the real thing.
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