Cruise Ship
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Basic Information

A cruise ship is a passenger ship intended for pleasure voyages, with the stay aboard the ship intended to be part of the enjoyment.

During the first and second world wars several ships of this class were converted into auxiliary cruisers by both sides.



Cruise Ship Floor Plans (External Links)

Game and Story Use

  • The cruise ship taken over by terrorists or attacked by other hostile forces and in need of rescue by special forces or superheroes is a common cliche - but that's because it is a useful way to establish tension since it is difficult to evacuate the civilian passengers and any mistakes might cause it to sink, killing most people on board.
  • The PCs could also be one of the passengers on a menaced ship who need to survive the crisis - for example, a zombie outbreak. The confined space of a ship makes it difficult to escape to safety, and the many small rooms effectively make the ship into a dungeon.
  • The cruise ship can also prove to be the source of the last survivors in an "after the end" scenario … shame most real life cruise ships are mostly populated by either retired people or the rich and useless.
  • This can easily be recycled in space - quite a lot of the population in both series of Battlestar Galactica were housed aboard Cruise ships and the primeval RPG Metamorphosis Alpha was set aboard a former cruise ship (or possibly a generation ship or macrostructure).
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