Customer Service
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Basic Information

Customer service is the branch of a company which provides service before, during, and after a purchase. As a result, they interact heavily with the customers, and are among the first people to hear complaints by them about products or services rendered.


1. Not Always Right - real life tales about irate and/or idiotic customers.

Game and Story Use

  • As the above link[1] proves, customers can be very unreasonable when presented with logic and easily riled. Thus, making the player characters responsible for pleasing customers can be endlessly amusing for the game master. While a dedicated "customer service" campaign is unlikely, any player characters who are working for someone else can end up in a similar position. "I gave/sold this guy something, and now he is unhappy with the deal - and I don't have time for sorting this out, so go there and make him happy". GMs are encouraged to use real life tales of irate customers as inspiration for similarly irate NPCs. Possibilities include:
    • "Your patrols don't protect us from orc raids/wild animals as well as they should!"
    • "Your soldiers/mercenaries are wrecking our taverns and seduce our girls!"
    • "Your taxes are completely unreasonable, and your tax collectors calculated them wrongly!"
      • "Your province/city doesn't generate as many taxes for the kingdom as it should! Where is the rest of my money?"
    • "You took too much time delivering my cargo, and now it's worthless! How will you compensate me?"
  • This is potentially a way for a PC to get roped into a conspiracy game. "Sorry, I don't know how you'd go about encrypting your phone against the Illuminati. I'd suggest talking to a crypto specialist, or… hello? What happened over there?"
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