Cute Monster Girl
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Basic Information

Just because she's a supernatural creature with blue skin, horns and a tail doesn't mean she can't be sexy. And her fangs are so cute! The Cute Monster Girl might be an alien, or a robot or a creature of legend, or anything out of the Monster Manual. She just happens to have an attractively humanoid form.

TV Tropes offers three subclassifications:

  • She comes from a species where the males always look monstrous and the females are always attractive, as in Robert Asprin's Myth series in which males from Tollia are Trolls and the females are Tollops.
  • She is a "cute" female version of an existing type of monster not known for it's cuteness, (includes half-human hybrids)
  • She is an "ugly duckling", considered a freak by her monstrous kin because of her human appearance, such as Cousin Marylin from The Munsters.

She could also just be an attractive non-human (or post human) female in a setting where non-humans are still exotic enough to count as monsters, variation from the norm of her species not necessarily required.


Game and Story Use

  • The Cute Monster Girl could make a fun romantic foil
    • Give that annoying lecherous PC a Monster Girl who's cute enough to attract him and weird enough to frighten him.
  • If you allow your PCs exotic powers and abilities, a PC can also be a Cute Monster Girl.
  • Oh yes, the monster could conceivably be a cute guy too. Give your female players some eye candy too.
  • Plenty of potential for angst, legal complications and social rejection if an interspecies romance does develop … expect values dissonance at all kinds of levels. Some groups might play this as an aesop about interracial harmony, but others might find unfortunate implications in that. YMMV.
    • Be prepared for unexpected reactions - ideological railroading of your players will annoy them at least as much as plot-railroading their characters.
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