Cute Witch
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Basic Information

The Cute Witch is a character type who possesses magic and some of the physical accessories of the traditonal "Halloween" witch (black cat, rides a broom, and the obligatory pointy hat) but instead of being a wizened crone is a cute girl. This is a fairly common variation of the "Magical Girl" character in Japanese manga and anime. (In fact, Rumiko Takahashi has said that the character of Lum from Urusei Yatsura was inspired by the American TV series "Bewitched".)

The Cute Witch is often a student of magic, who has inherited her powers and is learning how to use them.

Where actual witches are involved, the attractive appearance may be part of the pact - either as a glamour or because genuine preserved/improved appearance and/or extended youth were part of the package1. This is likely to be subject to a lack of ontological inertia, with rapid deterioration setting in when the pact is voided.

In a similar vein, shape changing may be a thing2.



Game and Story Use

  • In a campaign in which magic exists, the Cute Witch is a possible PC type.
  • The Cute Witch also makes a good NPC girlfriend for a PC.
    • Care should be taken to make sure the NPC is not as powerful as the hero; having her magic be a little bit unreliable or the witch just a little bit klutzy with it's use can counteract this.
    • And in an anime-based game can be comedy gold
  • Or the Big Bad Evil Guy can turn out to be a Cute Witch. After all, if you have vast magical powers, why not use them to look cuddly?
  • For an alternative … and darker … campaign, the teenage wannabe witch, inspired by various TV series and meddling with forces that she doesn't understand can be a regular nuisance for PCs obliged to clear up the messes she leaves behind. And there can, potentially, be thousands of them if a fiction writer or TV scriptwriter has been irresponsible enough to include working rituals in their product (as scaremongers in real life keep insisting they do) … even if the magic shown isn't actually evil the results of using it without proper training might still be … chaotic.
  • Also good for subverting the "good is beautiful, ugly equals evil" meme.
  • If you use corruption in your magic system, this may be how she starts out ….
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