Dad rides to the pub on a zebra
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June 4, 2009: A man in Sherborne, Dorset, England bought a zebra, trained it, and rode it to his favorite pub. Lucky for him Zebras have a built in homing sense that will let the zebra take him home - as long as he doesn't fall off…[1]

This is obviously not the first time that automobiles have been left by the way side in lew of other transportation. On June 5, 2009 a man in Vassalboro, Maine took his riding lawnmower to get beer. [2]


Game and Story Use

  • Abnormal travel devices can often add colour to a game, or to a specific character.
    • Although this is not much weirder than riding a horse down to the pub.
    • Also, the homing instinct can be fairly well demonstrated in horses and similar animals - especially in bad weather or when they would be expecting a preferred food.
  • Most players don't take those obscure skills that you really ought to have if you want to actually do the obscure thing - like swimming, climbing, riding, and so forth. So why not challenge them by making a situation where they have to all do this obscure thing - not necessarily in a life-or-death situation though. Riding a zebra as your primary locomotion may be kinda fun.
  • What if Zebras are the primary mode of transportation because all machinery is deemed "evil" and horses are non-existent in the area?
  • Note that zebras are not generally considered domesticable - an alternate history with domesticated zebra might well have had considerable benefits for many sub-Saharan African peoples and even in the modern era some benefits might be achieved in areas where endemic diseases make horses hard to operate.
  • Perhaps Zebras are sentient and make a good wage ferrying people back and forth.
  • Does this sound like a cryptic crossword clue to anyone else?
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