Daemons In Astrophysics
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Basic Information

In Astrophysics, a DAEMON is a DArk Electric Matter Object - don't ask me where they get the N from.

DAEMOns are subatomic black holes. These are one of the proposed explanations for the Dark Matter in the universe.

According to wikipedia, DaEMOns have the potential to be a powerful source of ecologically-friendly nuclear power.



Game and Story Use

  • Clouds of tiny black holes can be a significant Navigational Hazard. Being subatomic particles in the vacuum of space, you might not be able to detect them before they've done a ton of damage to your spaceship. (Or not, wikipedia didn't really give me any help there.)
  • Given the awesome name, these black holes could be tiny gates to hell.
    • How many Daemons can fit on the head of a pin?
    • Sounds like a job for space paladins!
    • If this is little devil scenario is in play, what does it say about what lies at the heart of a "normal" Black Hole?
  • DaEMOns could be Phlebotinum or Unobtanium, being an important part of a powerful battery.
    • And who wouldn't like a setting where tech is powered by demon-batteries?
  • As an added bonus, you can spell DaEMONS with as many capital letters as you'd like! :)
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