Dark Action Girl
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"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere"

(from) Good Girls go to heaven Jim Steinman.

Basic Information

The Dark Action Girl is the Action Girl's evil counterpart. She kicks butt just as well as her goody-goody opposite, but without any annoying traits like loyalty or nobility. She's not particularly interested in seducing the hero, although she might jump him if he looks cute. She's in it for what she can get; and for the fun of pummelling people who get on her bad side.



Game and Story Use

  • The Dark Action Girl is not particularly a team player, so she does not work well as a PC, unless you are running a particularly evil campaign.
  • She makes a good lieutenant for the BBEG
  • She also makes a good rival for a PC Action Girl.
  • Actually, come to think of it, Faith did both of those as well…
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