Dark Planet
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Basic Information

The Dark Planet is essentially Mordor in space. It's continuously night, with a nasty storm brewing. There's pretty good odds it'll be a Death World, Desert Planet, Ice Planet, Volcano Planet, or some combination. After all, no light means no photosynthesis, and without that it's tricky for life to gain a foothold and an ecosystem to develop. Chances are the Big Bad Evil Guy lives here, in his imposing Evil Tower Of Ominousness.

Not necessarily, though. In the Legion of Super-Heroes comics, the planet Kathoon was a Dark Planet with no villainous connotations at all. It was the home of Night Girl, who was rejected by the Legion because her super-powers only worked in darkness. Later on in the comics it was established that Kathoon is a popular resort planet particularly noted as a honeymoon destination. For obvious reasons.



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