Dart Of Abaris
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Basic Information

Despite the name, the Dart of Abaris was (according to Greek mythology) a magical, golden arrow, given by the god Apollo to his priest Abaris the Hyperborean.

According to legend, the priest could ride through the air upon this arrow (and did so to flee a plague his home in the Caucuses) and become invisible1. The arrow was also said to cure diseases (although presumably not the plague he had had to flee) and to utter prophecy. Apollo's arrows in general were also said to cause disease and bring madness - with or without artistic or philosophical inspiration. Whether or not this particular example had those powers as well is unknown.

Legend has it that ownership of the "dart" later passed on to Pythagoras, although what he did with it and what happened to it after that is far from clear.


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Game and Story Use

  • Quite a useful - and powerful - artifact. Somewhat tempered by presumably dependant on the patronage of one of the madder members of the Greek pantheon. Especially given that few, if any, of the Greek pantheon appear especially stable.
  • Pythagorean influences underpin all kinds of mystic traditions and secret societies - the dart could turn up in the hands of almost any group (or be sought by them).
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