Deadly Lunge
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Basic Information

Deadly Lunge is a horror trope that sometimes applies to ordinarily slow-moving monsters, such as zombies - whenever they notice prey close by, they will suddenly display a burst of speed that allows them to catch it (as well as taking the prey unawares, especially if they hadn't noticed the monster until then). Water dwelling critters are also good for this - the crocodile specialises in this in real life - leaping out of the water to seize a target on the land and then dragging it back under.

This also applies to carnivorous plants - except in "certain RPGs" most plants, carnivorous or not, tend to be sessile. The carnivorous ones often make up for it by being able to grab passers by and drag them in to feed on them.



Game and Story Use

  • Give this power to monsters when the player characters don't take a slow-moving foe as seriously as they should.
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