Death Seeker
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Basic Information

The Death Seeker is a character who wants to die in combat. Suicide won't do. They won't take the easy way out, it's got to be a glorious bloody end. Problem is, they're lousy at dying - the character supposedly wants to die, but keeps on kickin' butt instead. They're just too Badass to take a fall.

A common variation is the character who is dying of a terminal illness and seeks out the "honor" of a battlefield death instead.

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Game and Story Use

  • Works as a great PC, since it explains all the ridiculous risks that player characters are so likely to take.
    • Just take care not to be the unsociable Lone Wolf type who operates alone and Does Not Play Well With Others. While that works great in fiction, it tends to implode gaming groups.
    • Ideally, only one character is this reckless and self-hating. That way the rest of the Adventuring Party plays off of it, trying to get the Death Seeker to be more cautious. If you're all a bunch of Death Seekers, you'll probably just get yourselves killed.

Building This Character

Character Level

  • High level, mostly because low level characters aren't this resilient.


  • Physical Attributes are your mainstay. You don't figure out puzzles or come up with creative solutions, you dive in and use brute force to survive and triumph.
  • Willpower and Intuition may be helpful as well.

Special Abilities and Equipment

  • Anything that makes it harder for you to die is a bonus. Look for boosts to Defense, Armor, Hit Points, Saving Throws, etc.
  • If your game system penalizes your rolls based on the amount of damage you've taken, you'll want to consider any Merit or Advantage that helps mitigate that. You want this character to get beaten within inches of his life, but live to do it all over again.

Flaws and Hindrances

  • You have a Death Wish, and probably some other psychological quirks.

Combat Role


  • Obviously, this character needs some more definition than just being Death Seeker. Your Profession will dictate a lot about you, as will any other Characterization Tropes you embody.
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