Death World
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Basic Information

A death world is a planet where everything tries to kill you. It may have a toxic atmosphere, or poisonous plants. It may have venomous, ravenous, infectious, or just really big animal life. Who are we kidding - it has most of the above. Quicksand, Acid, Sinkholes, Earthquakes are also common. Weather ranges from lightning storm to dust storm to hurricane. Whatever the biome, it feels like the whole planet is actively trying to kill you. Life is harsh and short - no, it's harsher and shorter than that.

Essentially, imagine Australia, only a whole planet of it, turned up to eleven.



Game and Story Use

  • Nasty, nasty, nasty! This is where the plot goes when the GM feels he just hasn't had a TPK in far too long.
  • Only the crazy and the desperate would try to live here.
  • It's also possible the planet itself is a Genius Loci - and thus actually is actively trying to kill you.
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