Demons Hit School
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February 4, 2008: More than 100 students in a primary school in Uganda became hysterical in what authorities described as an "attack by demons. Some of the students had undressed, and the students were chasing everyone - teachers and fellow students - throwing stones, and banging doors and windows. A similar incident happened in the previous year, after which four Congolese were accused of casting a spell on the school. These four people allegedly have a conflict over land with the school

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Game and Story Use

  • The previous incident in Tanzania is suggestive - either the spellcasting tradition that permits this kind of curse has passed on to new users (or immortal old users continue to practice it), or the same entities which caused the first attack migrated to Uganda.
  • Someone has posted a ritual on social media … all it takes is someone with some actual talent and chaos ensues. Alternatively this could be the result of the ritual botching.
  • Demons? Is this the result of possessions, or just of charm magic messing with people's heads?
    • And is it actually demonic? If some kind of "traditional religion" involving spiritualism is going on in the background, critters of an altogether lower tier could be involved.
    • Heh. Pun on the word "lower" … if this took place where one of the syncretic religions (such as vodou) was common then there are a significant number of loa that might find this sort of thing extremely funny, especially members of the Ghede nanchon. That might also account for a lack of serious and lasting harm - and people running about in the buff.
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