Desmodus Draculae
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Basic Information

Desmodus draculae is a giant vampire bat that lived during the Pleistocene. Fossil and subfossilized remains have been found in Venezuela and Brazil. Some remains were not fossilized, suggesting it survived until relatively recently. Some scientists think they might still be around in remote jungle environments of Central and South America, but it is officially listed as extinct.

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Game and Story Use

  • The Time article made them sound huge, but Wikipedia says they're just 30% larger than the common vampire bat - however wikipedia's two listed sources are the Time article and the IUCN listing, one of which implies a 3-to-5 foot wingspan, and the other makes no comment on size. I think that means the GM is free to embellish - make them a form of Prehistoric Megafauna if you'd like.
  • Perhaps the semifossilized remains found in South America were actually the bones of staked Vampires. The oldest one turned to ash, the second oldest fossilized instantly, and the youngest just rotted and calcified a bit at death.
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