Determined Widow
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Basic Information

The Determined Widow is a former Determined Homesteaders Wife who lost her husband, tragically. It's quite common for in The Western for her widow-i-ness to be her defining character trait.

She's often the equivalent of the Damsel in Distress, but for the The Western. As life in the Wild West wasn't easy, the Love Interests in this era / setting tend to be spunkier, and more experienced, than those in other eras. She'll likely fight for her rights and her homestead (and her children's future, if applicable)… but she won't say "no" to a little help from a tall, dark and handsome stranger.



Game and Story Use

  • She may be just the gal to get The Drifter to settle down. Is them weddin' bells I hears?
  • Makes a good ally or adviser to the PCs.
  • In a Walk The Earth kind of game, you may find a lot of Determined Widows in the various Adventure Towns, as a recurring plothook.
  • If the PCs go around shooting up the town, it might result in a Posse of vengeful widows teaming up to get 'em.
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