Devil's Tramping Ground
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Basic Information

The Devil's Tramping Ground is a barren circle in a forest near Bennett, North Carolina. For at least a century, nothing has grown within the 12 foot ring, and so far, nobody has found a scientific explanation.

Items left in the circle are supposed to vanish overnight, and strange things are supposed to happen to those who spend the night there.

According to legend, the Devil himself can rise here to Earth from Hell and he walks here in circles as he ponders how to bring Evil to the world.



Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps this place has been used as a summoning circle for demons numerous times, tainting the local area.
    • And perhaps it is used for summoning still - maybe the barrier between Earth and Hell has been weakened so much here that it is possible to summon demons by accident.
  • On the other hand, maybe the legends are mistaken and this is actually a trod - a faerie circle.
    • Maybe they are the same thing…
  • This might qualify as a bad place on the basis of it being a malevolently aligned planar weak spot.
  • It may also qualify as a name to run away from really fast.
  • In the cthulhu mythos summoning azathoth is meant to more or less permanently ruin the place where you do it.
    • And colours out of space aren't exactly good for the environment either.
  • We know the Devil went down to Georgia … but Carolina?
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