Did An Amateur Astronomer Spot A Secret Mars Base?
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June 6, 2011: The "Google Mars" mapping program has uncovered a possible alien base on Mars. The base is at the martian coordinates 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W. The compound appears to be about 700 feet long, and roughly cylindrical.

Experts were quick to debunk the video, writing the image off to camera anomaly caused by cosmic rays and image compression software.

YouTube now lists the video as "removed by the user."


Game and Story Use

  • The facility could have been built by The Greys or some other Aliens to prepare for an upcoming planetary invasion.
  • NASA or some other organization has already secretly colonized mars, perhaps in some sort of Alternative 3 scenario.
    • Which means the video wasn't removed by the person who posted it! It's a conspiracy to keep this quiet.
  • No one's set foot on Mars just yet, but they will! The cylindrical facility is created by self-assembling nano-robots, sent back in time as pure information, a meme so potent it can co-opt the crystaline matrix of the martian soil. The resulting nanites eventually strip mars of resources and refashion it into a Tipler Cylinder.
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