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Dieselpunk - also known as Punk punk1 is, broadly, cyberpunk without the cyber. The genre picks up where steampunk leaves off in the early C20 and, sidestepping the shiny tech of rocketpunk rolls on into the grimmer forms of sci-fi. Noir literature may have a claim to the parentage of this genre as well. You get to keep the themes of social breakdown, failed states, economic stratification and endemic violence but lose the cybernetic upgrades and virtual reality. With magic added, this can transform into urban fantasy instead. This is where we all thought we were going in the 70s and 80s, but with fewer toys.

If your dystopia occurs twenty minutes into the future and isn't cyberpunk, there's a good chance that it's this instead.

This can overlap with various alternate history settings, especially those featuring a Nazi victory in WW2.


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