Dinosaur Skull Found In Church
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October 28, 2010:

A story at Discovery News tells of how a paleontologist from the University of Milan found a dinosaur skull embedded in the marble facing of part of the Cathedral of St. Ambrose in the Italian town of Vigevano.

The skull was fossilized in a piece of marble which was later cut into slabs to be used in constructing the cathedral, sometime between 1532 and 1660. This resulted in perfect hoizontal cross-sections of the skull, looking much like a CAT scan.


Game and Story Use

  • The skull could be an important clue for the players to find.
  • What if the players need the skull for some reason? That's going to be hard to steal!
    • But they'll come up with a way!
  • Was the placement of the skull accidental, or did the builder of that part know about the skull and put it that section of marble there deliberately?
    • Or maybe a prank by a time-traveler?
  • Has it really gone unnoticed for centuries, or has the church come up with its own explanation and interpretations?
    • A dragon-slaying legend would seem apt…
  • Teleporter. Accident.
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