Dirty Jersey - Feds Bust Dozens in Corruption Scandal
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July 23, 2009: Dozens of people in New Jersey have been arrested by the FBI and the IRS in an corruption investigation which has been going on for more than ten years. The charges include money laundering, illegal organ trade from donors in Israel, and other forms of corruption. Among the many community leaders arrested were five rabbis with ties to the community of Syrian Jews in Deal, New Jersey and Brooklyn.

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Game and Story Use

  • While apparently the donors gave their organs (such as kidneys) willingly for cash, the whole scenario would be more "fun" for gaming purposes if they didn't.
    • Perhaps there is also a cult of cannibals involved that ate all the parts that weren't needed for the organ trade.
      • Maybe they were even ghouls or other mythological creatures feasting on human flesh. This will of course make investigating this corruption even more dangerous for detectives - especially if they hadn't been aware of such entities before.
        • This would make for a nice introductory scenario for a Delta Green campaign.
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