Disappeared Dad
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Basic Information

It seems like heroes often have to make their way through life without the guidance and care of a parental figure. The Disappeared Dad is a specific version of the Parental Abandonment Trope. For some reason or other, the character's father isn't around. Maybe he died while the character was young; perhaps his parents divorced, or the father walked out on them. Or maybe he's off traveling on business, or having adventures of his own. In some cases, the father is technically around, but he is distant and has little contact with his children.



Game and Story Use

  • There are two ways you can use this. In one, the character has a missing father.
    • Trying to find the PC's father might be a big part of the character's motivation
    • The father might occasionally show up as an NPC, depending on how disappeared he really is.
      • "I am your Father Luke"
  • Or, the PC might be the Disappeared Dad, with an abandoned dependent in his backstory.
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