Disturbing The Peace
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Basic Information

Disturbing The Peace is the misdemeanor infraction typically associated with loud and disruptive noises. Arguing and loud insults, challenges and fighting1 are most exciting versions, but it can also apply to letting your dog bark too much, or playing loud music (especially late at night). As a rule of thumb, if you are being a public nuisance and preventing other people from getting on with their lives in peace, this will probably be the charge for you. Depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances, the penalty for disturbing the peace is either a short stint in jail or a fine, although pre-modern jurisdictions may also use various forms of social or corporal punishment.

In many jurisdictions this is described as a public order offence, which can lead to considerable confusion.



Game and Story Use

  • One way to show that an Adventure Town is real law-abiding and straight-laced would be to cite the PCs for Disturbing the Peace every time they started trouble.
    • The local Town Marshal just might run you out of town if you can't be quiet and respectful.
    • There may also be cultural issues - where the PCs come from it may be perfectly acceptable to sing loud drinking songs on your way home from the tavern late at night or to conduct business by shouting at each other in a public place. Other cultures may consider this a breach of the peace.
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