Dogpatch USA
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Basic Information

Dogpatch USA was an amusement park based on the cartoon "Li'l Abner" about a fictional clan of hillbillies. It was opened on May 17 1968, but went into decline after early financial success encouraged rapid expansion of the park, and it finally closed down on October 14 1993. Efforts to sell it failed, and the constructions were frequently vandalized. When in 2005 someone rode an ATV through the property with the permission of the owner, he collided with a length of wire strung between two trees and was injured. A court awarded him $500,000 for the injury, and when the owner didn't pay the ATV rider was awarded the deed to the land.


Game and Story Use

  • Abandoned amusement parks always seem to be the favorite hangouts of a certain brand of supervillains.
    • In this case, they will probably make their goons dress up like hillbillies.
  • Would make an interesting Bad Place - perhaps the genius loci has undergone a memetic mutation from Lil'Abner to Deliverance or The Hills Have Eyes.
    • <duelling banjos>
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