Double Action Revolver
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Basic Information

A Revolver is said to be Double-Action if it's trigger assembly includes a mechanism where pulling the trigger cocks the hammer. This results in a faster rate of fire than a Single Action Revolver, but at a small cost in accuracy since the gun shifts more with each trigger pull. Most Double-Action Revolvers can also be cocked manually, which reduces the inaccuracy disadvantage, but doesn't completely eliminate all the accuracy-related drawbacks of the long trigger pull.

While many games differentiate the rate of fire of various revolvers (and other hand guns) very few account for the accuracy flaws of a double-action revolver. Depending on the system, you may actually be able to get something for nothing.

See also Double-Action Only Revolver - for a revolver which can only be fired in a double action mode. For one where the double action mode only applies when the weapon isn't already cocked see Dual Action.


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