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Basic Information

Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while asleep.

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1. The Dream Repository - another wiki project by one of the Arcana Wiki contributors, with suitably creepy user-submitted dreams

Game and Story Use

  • Dreams have numerous uses in gaming - as a way of conveying prophecies, as an alternate reality, or even just a way to establish the mood for an adventure.
  • In some settings, characters may be able to travel into astral dimensions in their dreams.
  • A psychic or magic-based villain might be able to attack the characters through their dreams
    • If the attacker is powerful enough, he may even cause phyiscal harm to the victim's body
    • Or the psychic trauma of what happens in the dream may leave emotional scars, phobias or delusions
  • A less malevolent patron with psychic or magical powers might use dreams as a way of communicating with the characters.
    • Dreams are notoriously cryptic, and even if someone is trying to communicate through a dream, it should not be spelled out clearly but rather symbolically.
      • Characters may need to consult a psychic or and oracle or some form of sage to interpret a mysterious dream.
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