Drones Club
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Basic Information

There is a magical place located in Mayfair in London, just off Piccadilly in Dover Street; a place where the idle rich sons of Britain's idiot aristocracy can lounge, loaf and occasionally chuck crusty rolls at each other. It's a place where everyone knows your name, as long as you went to school together. It's called the Drones Club.

The club was created by author P.G. Wodehouse and features in many of his stories. He based it loosely on the type of Gentlemen's Club common in the Edwardian Era just before the First World War but nearly extinct today. The club takes it's name from the drone, the male bee which doesn't do much in the hive.

Probably the Club's most famous member is Bertie Wooster, narrator of the Jeeves stories, but the Drones figures in many of Wodehouse's other stories. It's frightening to consider that Bertie is probably one of the more intelligent members of the Club.

The Club is also noted for its large swimming pool, for the occasional food fights in the Dining Room, and for its Annual Darts Tournament


Game and Story Use

  • A lighthearted campaign set in London during the early 20th Century might include a visit to the Drones Club, or an encounter with one of its members.
  • A character who happens to be an Upper Class Twit might have a membership in the Drones Club as part of his background
  • May also be a good place to run a con (lots of rich idiots)… or not (lots of well-connected aristocrats who can cause trouble if they find out).
  • While they seem unlikely to compete for members, this place might have a rivalry going with the Diogenes Club. Or at least, might think it has a rivalry, whether or not the other club acknowledges one.
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