Drug Cartels Target Mexican Army In Brazen Attacks
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April 1, 2010: The feud between the Mexican Gulf Cartel and its rival Los Zetas, which started in January after a member of Los Zetas was killed in Reneysa by the former, has escalated to such a degree that the drug cartels are not only targeting the police, but the military as well. The gang members seem to be as well armed, if not as well trained or coordinated, as the military - after a raid, armored vehicles, assault rifles, grenades, launchers, and homemade explosives, and were among the items seized from them.

The Gulf Cartel has also apparently formed an alliance with other cartels to stop Los Zetas, and has warned residents in certain areas via emails and other means to stay off the streets.



Game and Story Use

  • Given that Los Zetas worships Santa Muerte and all factions in this war - even the police - seek supernatural protection - maybe Los Zetas has dabbled with even darker forces which even the callous drug cartels of Mexico won't tolerate, causing all other cartels to gang up on them.
    • The PCs could be Mexican army soldiers now gearing up for a fight against the cartels. The first missions are dangerous enough, given that they have to fight hardened criminals in their own backyard - but what will they do when their opposition starts to use magic or is unnatural itself?
  • Turns out the Mexican cartels have been receiving weapons from the US Government - no-one's entirely sure why yet, so you can model your own campaign as you like.
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