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Dubai refers to both one of the member states of the United Arab Emirates and the main city of the same emirate. It is a rapidly growing financial and business center, with one of the world's largest ports. The city has a huge foreign population - only 13% of the population are UAE nationals.

The local law enforcement will punish the possession of drugs harshly, and if they even think that someone is smuggling drugs, he will have a lot of problems.



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Game and Story Use

  • Dubai is the perfect place to mix some of the "exotic" flair of the Middle East with modern infrastructure and convenience, and thus a good location for espionage or technothriller games.
  • The city could gain even greater prominence than today in Twenty Minutes Into The Future and Cyberpunk settings.
  • Since it isn't part of any great power blocks but still fairly influential, it can serve as a neutral meeting place for diplomats, spies and other such people from mutually hostile powers.
  • Given its excellent infrastructure, neutrality, and how close it is to numerous crisis regions, Dubai makes for an excellent headquarters for a Private Military Company like the Unity Resources Group.
  • The Rub' al Khali desert is nearby, allowing for exploration and survival adventures.
  • A good way of getting someone into trouble with the local authorities is by hiding some drugs in his suitcase when he is about to go through Customs.
  • Consider Dubai as an alternative location for The Tokyo Fireball if you need a city with really impressive buildings getting blown up.
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