Dude Ranch Cowboy
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Basic Information

The Dude Ranch Cowboy is similar to the working cowboy, but whose job is to give "dudes" (tourists) a taste of The Theme Park Version of ranch life. Generally more careful of his appearance than the working cowboy, many in fiction being ruggedly handsome.



Game and Story Use

  • More likely to show up in setting that's post-Western.
  • Including a short trip to a Dude Ranch may allow your campaign to introduce some Western themes in a casual way that won't stick with the campaign when the characters return to the big city (or whatever the default setting of the campaign is).
  • May work as a characterization of one cowboy in a bunch - this one's the well-dressed, slightly flashy feller who's more concerned about his appearance and image than the rest of the band.
  • The Dude Ranch Cowboy could also be a grizzled veteran who used to punch cattle for real back in the day when things were a bit wilder and woolier. His current job wrangling tourists is sort of a semi-retirement for him, but he still has the old working cowboy skills and can handle himself in a fight if the circumstances demand it.

Building This Character


  • Nearly all Dude Ranch Cowboys are going to be low-level NPC extras. They've got the softest version of what is otherwise a very difficult and dangerous job.



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