Dudley Town
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Basic Information

Dudley Town is a ghost town located in Cornwall, Connecticut. It was first settled in the 1740s and was named after one of the early settlers, the Dudley family. However, the town was gradually abandoned. According to legend, the Dudleys were descended from one Edmund Dudley, who was beheaded for treason during the reign of Henry VII of England. Since then, the family and anyone who has tried to settle in their town have allegedly been under a curse, with manifestations including insanity, suicide, and demonic possession. Even today, visitors talk of restless spirits in the region, including orbs, as well as unnaturally quiet wildlife.

Today the area is the private property of the "Dark Entry Forest Association" and vigorously patrolled by both local and state police who will not hesitate to arrest trespassers.


1. Dudleytown @ Damned Connecticut

Game and Story Use

  • With a name like that, the "Dark Entry Forest Association" can't be up to any good. What precisely are they hiding? What kind of dark entity will enter our world through this forest?
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