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Basic Information

The duoped is a ridiculous little two-wheeled human-powered vehicle that is a little like a skateboard, or roller skates, or bicycle. Except much less stable than any of those. It seems to have been invented in the 1950s, but there's really not much information about it on the net other than this bizarre little promotional(?) film. Wow. Just watch the video.

In shape, it's just two very small wheels, about the size of your feet, one to the left of your left foot and one to the right of your right foot. Between them is a twisted axle with peddles. It's like if you took a bicycle with training wheels, and stripped it down to the smallest machine possible - so just the training wheels and peddles remain. You precariously balance on it standing up, kind of like segway but with no electronics an nothing to stabilize it.


2. B Rad of the W - Blog that brought that video to my attention.

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