Dyson Ring
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Basic Information

A Dyson Ring is the simplest form of Dyson Swarm. It's a row of energy-collecting satellites (and possibly a few space habitats) in a single orbit. They follow like a chain or train, though they're probably not connected, and use wireless energy transmission to send the gathered energy wherever it's needed. Since a single orbit is involved, the components won't collide, overlap, or cross each other, and don't need energy or thrusters to keep their orbits stable.



Game and Story Use

  • Should a civilization be wiped out on the way to reaching a higher Kardashev state, they may leave a single Dyson Ring and a few other satellites as the only silent testament to their former existence.
  • For a solid / one-piece ring, see Niven Ring. Note, however, that a Dyson Ring is in a stable orbit, whereas a Niven Ring is likely to collapse into the sun it orbits unless it receives frequent corrective propulsion.
  • For additional ideas, see Dyson Swarm and Stellar Megastructure. Technically, a Dyson Ring probably isn't a Megastructure, but it's a stepping stone in that direction.
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