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Basic Information

An earthquake is a powerful release of energy within a planetary crust, which manifests itself as tremors which cause people and objects to fall down and cause property damage - sometimes even destroying buildings entirely.

See Also

  • California - one of the most popular places for earthquakes
  • Japan - one of the most popular places for earthquakes
  • The Forbidden Plateau - the strongest earthquake on Canadian soil occurred there.
  • Tsunami - these are often caused by underwater earthquakes.



Game and Story Use

  • If the earthquake is bad enough, the player characters can temporary slip into an After The End scenario without the world actually ending - the infrastructure is gone, help is insufficient, many people are wounded or dying, and the government is unable to reassert its authority.
    • For many reasons linked to from the respective article, including their ongoing fiscal troubles, California is a prime candidate for the total collapse of order and civilization after an earthquake.
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