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Basic Information

Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
- Wikipedia

Here's some pages on Arcana Wiki that have something to do with Economics, and in some cases it's a stretch…



Game And Story Use

  • Yes, some of those links have very dubious connection to economics. Hey, what do you expect, this is a gaming site. Our idea of economics is summed up by "Kick in the door, kill the monster, take it's treasure!" and "Can I make an Appraisal roll to see if the heathen idol is worth lugging back to town?" :)
    • Of course, even in first edition AD&D, Gygax noted that flooding the economy with gold would lead to economic chaos and that adventurers had the potential to devastate whole towns with their spending after a rich haul.
  • Even so, you can use these to give your setting some flavor, or to motivate your NPCs.
  • It's also important to understand them for verisimilitude in world building - of course, if that doesn't matter, they can mostly be ignored.
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