Economics Of The Singularity
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June 1, 2008: The article discusses the possibility of the Technological Singularity, and compares it with previous "singularities" - transition periods of great change. It argues that they can be identified by sudden changes in how often the world economic output doubles, and identifies the following eras:

However, since 2003 the pace of economic output is increasing yet again, and the article argues that we are at the beginning of another significant shift - after which world economic output might double every month or even week. The author suggests that one of the prime reasons for this might be the appearance and rapid proliferation of artificial intelligence, possibly ones modeled after human brains.



Game and Story Use

  • Consider such technological shifts for a fantasy setting. Most such settings still seem to be stuck in the agricultural phase - but what if they entered a magitek revolution?
    • And what would the revolution after magitech look like?
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