Egomaniac Hunter
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Basic Information

An Egomaniac Hunter is a character who is so obsessed about the hunt that he will let stand nothing in the way of pursuing the most dangerous, challenging prey out there. This often endangers his companions, and sometimes includes prey that shouldn't be hunted - whether the creatures in question are on the verge of extinction, sacred for the local religion, or even sapient. This generally puts him into villain territory.

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Game and Story Use

  • An Egomaniac Hunter is likely to disturb the wilderness around him in some way, and the locals have to deal with it somehow. The PCs might be among those locals, or hired by them.
  • As an enemy, an Egomaniac Hunter can be very dangerous, as he is an expert with hunting weapons almost by definition.
  • The PCs might be travelling with a group that includes an Egomaniac Hunter. If they're lucky, it just means that he'll bore them at the dinner table with tales of his exploits. If they're unlucky, he might decide to take a detour in order to track down something appropriately big and dangerous, possibly dragging the PCs along with him.
    • "That elephant is charging us!" "Possibly the mate of that bull I dispatched this afternoon. Curious creatures, elephants."
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