Egyptian Mythology
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Basic Information

This page is an index to the myths and religion of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian culture existed for some 3,000 years, and during that time their religion evolved constantly. They ended up with a huge pantheon of deities.

Some concepts in Egyptian Mythology:

Major Cosmological Deities

Deities associated mainly with the funerary cult and underworld

Other significant deities

Important companies of deities




Monsters, Creatures, and Special Animals:

Honorable mention: the Mummy. They are not creatures of Egyptian Myth, but thanks to mankind's fertile fears of the unknown, the dead, and the past, it's pretty common to have some sort of undead Mummy in games associated with Ancient Egypt, especially those set hundreds or thousands of years later when someone disturbs the tomb of a Pharoah.


1. Wikipedia - most of the lists and summaries above are taken directly from wikipedia's big ol' list
2. Museum of Mythology and Monsters - has a divine family tree that's pretty useful
3. Ancient Egypt - has color images of the gods
4. Tour Egypt - interesting info on strange creatures of ancient egypt

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