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Elders are characters whose main feature are their advanced years. Not to be confused with Elder (tree) or the homophonous Elde river.

Even when a formal gerontocracy isn't in place, elders may well hold a place of power in a given society, either as a result of what they have accumulated materially over the course of their lives or in deference to their supposed wisdom.

Elder is also a formal title in some Christian denominations - either as a title in its own right or a generic for deacons and pastors. Where it is not used as a formal title it may still be informally used to indicate an experienced and well-practiced member of the community who is considered a good example of Christian living.

The Arabic honorific 'Sheikh' carries much the same resonance.

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  • Since presumably most people get old in all but Crapsack Worlds, don't forget to use Elder NPCs from time to time.
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