Electroweak Star
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Basic Information

An Electroweak Star is a theoretical type of star that might be formed after a supernova. It would have a tiny core about the size of an apple that has twice as much mass as the earth because it has higher density than a quark star. Within the core, quarks are converted to leptons (such as electrons or neutrinos) by the electroweak force.

This core may be surrounded by a corona of additional less dense material, but even with that it that would make it at most a couple kilometers in size. So it is itty-bitty as far as stars go, and can only exist as the late-stage of a once much larger star.

An electroweak star could potentially sustain its heat and light for more than 10 million years before burning out.


Game and Story Use

  • Could be an interesting navigational hazard, or part of a multi-star system. A binary star with one normal star and one tiny fist-sized nugget of fire would make for an interesting visual.
  • The size of an apple makes it seem excellent for some sort of mythological parallel or symbolism.
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