Elk Botfly
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Basic Information

Elk Botflies are flies which resemble bumblebees. They normally insert their immature larvae into the nostrils of moose, where they mature until they are ejected in a spray of blood and mucus by their host, but sometimes they mistake human eyes for moose nostrils, with unfortunate consequences.

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Game and Story Use

  • Now imagine a species of insect which specializes in laying its larvae into the eyes of mammals. After all, eyes are so soft, squishy, and nutritious…
    • Plus the possibility of eating into the brain … and given that the frontal lobes, closest to the eyes are vital to higher functions you could end up blind and lobotomised.
  • Having them up your nose is probably not much fun either.
  • One assumes that they might be used as some form of punishment or torture by a suitably unpleasant culture.
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