Emergency landing after co-pilot seeks God
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February 1, 2008: The co-pilot on a flight from Toronto, Canada to London, United Kingdom had a mental breakdown over the Atlantic Ocean, swearing and asking for God. He was restrained by the crew and a passenger until the plane could make an emergency landing in Shannon, Ireland.



Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps the co-pilot had a mental breakdown after he encountered an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Perhaps he was psychically sensitive and sensed something below him in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Perhaps someone with telepathic powers was among the passengers and wanted to land at Shannon instead of London for some reason, and caused the mental breakdown to cause the plane to land there.
    • Presumably, he used the chaos of the landing to slip away and distracting enemies who had expected him to arrive in London and were waiting for him there.
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