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Enlil (also known as Elil) was a deity worshiped in ancient Mesopotamia. He was associated with wind, air, earth, and storms.

His main temple was in Nippur. He was the chief god of Sumer and Akkad, but was later supplanted by the importance of Marduk after Babylon took over the region. While he was in charge, he was the holder of the Tablet of Destiny. Enlil was so powerful that not even the other gods were hearty enough to safely look at him.

In addition to being powerful, Enlil was also capricious and genocidal. The mesopotamian versions of the Flood Myths feature Enlil unleashing a terribly destructive flood to wipe out humanity. His motivation? Humans were too loud and annoying. Not evil, not trying to steal divine power, just noisy. Which means he's also a hypocrite, because you can bet a storm big enough to flood the world was going to be very noisy itself.

His consort was Ninlil. They had two daughters, Ashnan and Lahar, and a son, Nanna.

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