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Basic Information

Ethnocracy is a form of government where members of one particular ethnic group hold disproportionate power in the government itself and use that power to benefit that group to the detriment of others.

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Game and Story Use

  • As an Ethnocracy is clearly unjust, an ethnocratic government provides a clear enemy for the PCs to fight against. Both attempting to reform and attempting to violently overthrow it are viable goals for long-running campaigns.
    • This assumes that equality between the races is the preferred state - in a fantasy or sci-fi campaign this man not be the case and for large chunks of human history a belief in racial equality will be enormously morally dissonant - although what constitutes a race may vary.
  • Such a society can add spice to party dynamics if some PCs are members of the ethnic ruling elite while others aren't. This gives the party a wider range of possible contacts both within the halls of power and the oppressed rest of the population. On the other hand, other members of the various ethnic groups (including their families might frown upon their association.
  • If the PCs are not from the ethnocratic society, making it hard for them to tell one group from the other may lead to all sorts of hilarity: by way of real life example many Carribean communities in the early C20 had deep and intricate racial hierarchies based on very fine distinctions … on emigrating to the UK in the 1960s many Carribeans were horrified to find that their new neighbours neither cared about nor saw these distinctions and regarded them all as "black" … which back home had been one of the lowest status castes.
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